Welcome to Bullseye Mechanical!

For over 15 years Bullseye Mechanical has provided Expert Plumbing services throughout all of NYC.  We started this blog in hopes of better reaching both our wonderful customers and friends throughout New York, but also to connect with many more people across the web.  We hope to provide some helpful tips for homeowners, business owners and handymen who just want to fix up their place in their spare time.  Our years of experience with emergency plumbing, maintenance, sewer and drain cleaning and a wealth of other services will provide plenty of useful information for those that need it.

We know many homeowners are wary of calling a plumber for fear that they will be overcharged or taken advantage of.  We pride ourselves on being 100% honest and forthright, and as such we’ve decided to put together some tips to help homeowners avoid having to call a plumber for small, manageable problems.  These guides should provide excellent source of information even if you don’t have a pressing issue, and could provide educational even to non-home owners.

We hope our guides will prove to be useful to our visitors and customers.  We will cover topics such as clogged toilets and tubs, leaky faucets and sinks, cleaning and fixing grease traps.  We also have some expertise to share about water jetting, drain lines, tree root removal and even video camera inspections.  You may be surprised of the breadth of expertise we’ve attained over 15 years of experience, and it’s not all about clogged drains and toilets.

If you’d like to reach out to us to can reach us at our Twitter @BullseyemechNYC , leave us a comment on this blog, or of course visit our website at http://www.bullseyenycplumbing.com.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the website, blog, or hear any topics that you wish to know more about.  What are the problems you face around the house?  What have you been hoping to fix but have just never figured out how?  We’d be happy to share our insights and expertise, just ask!

For those local to New York City, you can find us here:

Bullseye Mechanical Corporation
329 Broome St,
New York, NY, 10002
b/t Bowery & Chrystie St